kat-tun fanarts :)))

some of my kat-tun fanarts : D
first fanart is because i like the concept of run for you PV,
second one is based on a star rider shop photo,
and the last one just because I was bored when actually I supposed to be doing my assignment

comments and critics are really appreciated <3 <3


 Lately, i've been busy with school tasks ~
i kinda  miss them 

My scanner is broken, so i can't colouring it properly on computer TT^TT

and ..

the buta is massu, penguin is daiki, and koala is nakamaru~
LOL, they are my ichibans ♪ ヘ(゚∇^ヘ)(ノ^∇゚)ノ ヘ(^∇゚ヘ)(ノ゚∇^)ノ ♪

comments and critics are always loved <3
chibi massu

Massu sketch and NEWS


this is my Massu honey  sketch. Actually, this is for art class task in my school XD

and this one..
well, i don't planned to draw this, i just unconsciously drew this on my school's white board LOL.
douzo :
i'm sorry if it is bad,
and if your ichiban doesn't look good on my picture.
I drew it without looking to their pictures ~ gomen >,<

LOVE~ <3
please do comments and critics :D

Tanabata Matsuri - Tegomass yaaay!


actually, it just my sketch with pencil~
then i scanned it, and given it a little color with photoshop. Hyaang, i'm sorry for being lazy
anyway, this is

TEGOMASU ~! yaaaay ! (just like massu's shout on Shounen club back then when they were promoting tanabata matsuri)

gomen, just like this. Ehehe,

of course, give me your opinion.
comments are loved  <3 <3